6 Months (September 25 2014)

6 months. 6 months since I’ve seen her smile, heard her laugh, felt the softness of her skin. 6 months since I’ve spoken to her, received advice from her, shared my day with her. 6 months since she’s said something that only a mother can say and I’ve gotten annoyed at in only the way a daughter can. 6 months of grief and silent tears and loneliness and heartbreak. 6 months of barely functioning, much less living and thriving. 6 months of being angry at the world. 6 months of feeling like I lost my best friend. 6 months of feeling everything. And nothing. Continue reading


A Tribute :: Irene Janice Gimpel Strongwater Gutwirth (March 28 2014)

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On behalf of my family, my sister Natalie and her family, my Auntie Sandy and cousin Kathy, my stepfather Gary, and all of the extended family who felt so close to Mom, I want to thank all of you for coming today to celebrate the life of an extraordinary woman. Your presence here today is a true testament to how many lives she made an imprint on. Having your love and support is a great source of comfort to me, Natalie, all six grandchildren, and Gary.

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