90 Days (June 25 2014)

90 days and the tears still flow
from the deep dark well of bottomless grief.
3 months have passed
without the reassuring warmth of your presence.
The thief of time, of life, haunts me 
as I try to understand this unexplainable loss.
Sorrow covers me like a warm blanket,
nestling in and feeding on my soul,
sprouting around me like a cloak of living, breathing moss.
Grief and loneliness are heavy weights
dragging me down into the swampy abyss,
making every breath a struggle
and every memory a lightening flash of searing pain.
Each night, I lay my head down and will myself to forget
and hope peace washes over me.
Each morning, I wake with hope and blink in the light and remember,
and the truth comes crashing down on me once again.


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