hearts in the forest


Hearts in the forest
Holding onto each other
For life
For love


a mermaid’s heart


i dream about diving into
her beckoning eyes
glinting pools of mossy green
backstroking in her warm nectar
tasting the salty sweet of tears and sweat
smelling the metallic shimmer of blood
floating weightlessly in her belly
churning churning churning
seeking respite
in her soft supple breast
gliding my way through
dark intricate tunnels
silently weaving in and out
the road map to her heart

Writing Prompt ~ 5 sentences


I stand in the doorway, thrown open against its will, drenched in armor made of steel fire rock knife blood tears fists hate fear.

Slowly…like a frightened child, Love raises it’s weary head, drawing it’s eyes up from the floor and washing over every piece of me that’s standing in our way.

Hesitant, guarded, I step slowly across the room.

Every piece of armor melts away like icy cold steaming river water as it evaporates into warm air.

I embrace Love.