5 years


5 years ago today we packed up our little (but growing!) family, and headed north to put down roots in the Pacific Northwest.

5 years ago today we said goodbye to a lifetime born in California, and became Oregon residents. Ready to start anew.

5 years, yet the blink of an eye. How different our lives look and feel now. We left California behind as a family of 5, and are now a family of 6. 4 beautiful children to make our family whole. Complete. Content.

5 years ago we had mothers. Living. Loving. Breathing. Sharing. In less than 5 years time, those mothers have been taken from us. Both ripped out of our lives by the beast that is cancer. Leaving raw and gaping holes.

5 years ago we said goodbye to friends whom we saw daily, weekly,  monthly. Now we see them yearly, like no time has been lost at all.

5 years ago we left our Village. Our Community. Our Family. And in 5 years time we’ve been lucky and blessed to expand and build new friendships. New community. New village. New family. Doubly blessed to have sustained the old and created the new.

After 5 years in Oregon, it has truly become our home. We’ve bought a house. We have grown our family (not to be left out, we’ve added a cat, a dog and a hamster). We have set down deep roots and provided the stability of Home. Love. Security. Friendship. Fun. Laughs. Joy. Contentment. New adventures. New memories and experiences for our children.

5 years of green and trees and rain and gray days. Of splashing in the puddles. Of smelling the wet earth, alive and growing all around us.

5 years. Just the beginning of many happy years ahead.


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