…i don’t even care if it’s not 5 o’clock somewhere…



The kids just left for one last summer camping trip…they get home Monday and go back to school Tuesday…and very shortly I’ll be going back to work (after being a SAHM for 7+ years) AND partially pulling double parent duty. Life is about to get real in a way I’ve (we’ve) never known.


The next few days are the only true ‘downtime’ I’m going to have for a very long time…


My house is a freakin disaster it looks like savages have lived here for the last 2+ months, there are clothes and balls and legos and cell phone chargers and bikes here that don’t even belong to my own children, the laundry is piled up (both clean & dirty), the fridge is almost empty, the cat boxes need to be scooped, the mail hasn’t been taken in in days, all of the bedsheets need to be stripped and washed, my car is full of boxes of clothes to take to the donation station, i can’t see my dining room table under the shit ton of crap stacked on it, I don’t even want to know WTAF one of the kids did to the toilet, I have essays with deadlines, I need to get my inhaler refilled because our air is toxic right now and I can’t hear myself think over the wheeze, one of the cats hair has a nasty mat in it and needs to be brushed, i can’t walk into the playroom because of the Lego minefield across every.single.inch of the room, the gaslight in my car has been on for too many miles, I need to scour the internets for a job and submit some resumes….


…a hot bath is running with lavender oil and salts, the blinds are drawn and the candles are lit, the incense is burning, Alexa is playing my favorite station, the book I’m reading is on the ledge beside the tub, I just poured a glass of Tito’s over ice and the bottle is nearby for refills, I was able to scrape together a charcuterie/cheese/fruit platter (and it doesn’t even include kraft american cheese singles OR bologna…string cheese is mozzarella, right?) just in time for lunch, the cats are settled into their perches overseeing the tub like sphinx on guard….


…it’s noon…


…self-care…it’s where it’s at man…



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