I’m processing a lot of shit right now (figuratively…not literally that would be TMI). All very personal and close to me and big huge challenging. Sometimes it’s hard to silence all the noise and get out of my own head. I usually do that by writing. It’s how I think and feel and breathe. I’ve needed to write my story but I’ve been blocked and haven’t been able to figure out why, or how to get past it.

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what to say when we don’t know what to say


[disclaimer: I actually wrote this last night and saved as a draft. It came from a place of deep emotion based on personal experience, as well as from a place of the advocacy in which I dedicate my energies and exercise my voice. Clearly I had no idea that this morning would be met with a shitstorm of unethical un-constitutional un-American all-phobic racist intolerant (i could go on and on) utter bullshit.]

Two of the best most reassuring heartfelt words we can hope to hear when we’re hurting : I’m here
Closely followed by: I hear you – &/or – I see you
Rounded out with: I get it – &/or – me too

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